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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Year 3

Some fabulous work Year 3 children sent over this week.


22 of June 2020


Today has been an amazing day. I have visited the exotic Kashyyyk Jungle. First I packed my juice de pomme of invisibility, laser glasses, never ending mr whippy, springing boots, a robot playing the flute and finally a magic tent. Then I put my jetpack rucksack on my back. I climbed aboard my spaceship and flew into the milkyway.


When I got there I landed on a craggy landing platform on a colossal tree. I clambered out of my spaceship and took samples of the plant life.


After a short tea break, I drank some juice de pomme of invisibility so I could not be seen by dangerous creatures such as wookies. I went to take samples of the creatures’ fur or anything else of the ones that don’t have fur like dirt from their footprints, saliva etc.ect. The sample I’m most proud of is the sample of wookie hair I found on a tree.


Finally, I went back in my spaceship and flew back home. When I got back home I had my samples tested.