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Strategic Plan (condensed version)



The Governors have created an update to show progress and achievements which will be published by 21/7/21.

In January 2020 the Governing Body (GB) agreed that it would be useful to develop a strategic plan to act as a roadmap for the future. This was no small commitment as developing a strategic plan, in addition to our other responsibilities represented a significant challenge for the GB, which is a group of about 12 individuals geographically dispersed with varying time demands. The pandemic and its associated lockdowns further complicated the situation.

In March 2020 the GB approved the first version of the strategic plan. We accept that it is far from perfect or sufficiently comprehensive but ask that it be viewed as a ‘work-in-progress’. We believe that it is important to have a robust strategic plan to ensure that our school is equipped to prosper in the ever-changing social and educational environment and will continue to revise, improve and develop the plan over the coming months and years. You should expect to see annual revisions of the plan and as well as termly updates of the school’s progress in meeting its strategic objectives.

Much of the ‘situation analysis’ is already out-dated and only included to provide background to the objectives. It is in the nature of plans (particularly those with prolonged ‘agreement/approval deadlines’) to be out of date before they can be finalised. We are already on-track to meet a number of this year’s objectives and will update you on our progress.

Nevertheless we hope that our circulation of the first iteration of our strategic plan will help all of our stakeholders gain a greater understanding of the strategic direction in which the GB plans to steer the school in the coming years.

I look forward to being able to provide reports of our progress in the future.

David Swarbrick

St Thomas More RC Primary School, Berkhamsted