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                                                    Ien GM van der Pol 🤔's tweet - "There is no app to replace your ...                      

   30.3.20 (week 6)

I hope that you have all had a good week.

I have chosen this quote as a reminder to us all (myself included as a mum) how very important it is to read and share books with your child. While we are able to use apps ans remote learning - nothing can replace sharing a book together.

This weekend; my youngest daughter and I started to read 'The Famous Five.'

As I finished the chapter, we talked about her not being at school, our family not at work and all of our friends being isolated from their friends. Please reassure your child that we are all still very much part of the St Thomas More family and reassure them that they are safe at home with you (children are immensely clever and perspective and will clearly be picking up on anxiety worries and discussions at home).

I have attached the Early years Outcomes for 40-60 months & the Early Learning Goals. We use these to plan for each child's unique learning journey. As a rough guide, we aim for each child to be working towards the Early Learning Goals by the end of the summer term (some children will be just entering these - but secure in 40-60 months; some maybe confidently developing or securing the Early Learning Goals). Please remember that each child is an individual and this is a guide for you to see where the children's learning objectives arise from.

The prime areas of learning are Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Education. As they become secure in these areas, the Specific Areas of Learning progress.