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Monday 8th June

Update: Please find attached French work from Mrs McCloskey.

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We are all really looking forward to welcoming the Year 6 children back to school on Wednesday. I know that it may not be the end to the school year that we envisaged; however, I am sure we can create a happy, fun and positive environment for our final half term together.

Below are just a few final reminders for those children joining us on Wednesday:

  • Children have been asked to wear PE kits with trainers. They are also more than welcome to wear their leaver’s jumpers as is tradition in our final half term. We please ask that all clothing worn is washed daily at a minimum of 60° as per government guidance. To help with this, children may also wear their summer school uniform (with trainers). Hopefully, this will help cut down on the number of separate washes throughout the week. Each Thursday, both groups will have a PE session with Mr Masey so this would be a good day for PE kits to be worn if children choose to alternate.
  • As children will not be using their lockers, please could they come to school with as little as possible. All belongings will be kept in a tray under their individual desks. Children will need a small pencil case (to be kept in school), a filled, named water bottle and lunch (if bringing from home). If needed, children may still bring their mobile phones. When in school, these will be switched off, placed in individual bags (provided by school) and stored with their other belongings. However, I would recommend that if children do not need to bring their phones (i.e. they are being both dropped off and collected from school); it would be better to leave at home.
  • Finally, we will be spending as much time outside as possible (weather permitting!) so please ensure children wear the appropriate clothing to school (e.g. sun hats). If children could be provided with sun cream to keep in school this would be very helpful. If this is not possible, please ensure sun cream is applied before arriving at school when appropriate.

If there are any further questions regarding our return to school on Wednesday, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. Alternatively, children are welcome to ask me any questions via Google Classroom. I know in an ideal world the children would be together; however, I will still be planning for both groups and they will be completing the same activities, albeit on a slightly different timetable. It may also be the case that we have to alternate use of resources (e.g. Chrome books) so that they can be cleaned. Also, we are very fortunate that Mrs Meredith will be leading one of the Year 6 'bubbles' as she not only knows the children extremely well, but we are already used to working closely together in Upper Key Stage 2.  

For those who will not be joining us on Wednesday, please know that I am still very much here to support you and your learning. Work will continue to be uploaded weekly via the school website. For those that use Google Classroom to access resources daily, this still continues in the same way as before. Please note that on the days that we are in school Miss Newman will be monitoring this platform and responding to any questions. However, please continue to share any work with me (and/or Miss Newman) and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Hope you all have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing many of you again on Wednesday.

Take care,

Miss Stone