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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Monday 6th July


Hope you have enjoyed activities in our Wellbeing Week, thank you for sharing some of your work. 

This is our penultimate week in Year 3 and we are looking forward to seeing you at school the following week on different days in your bubbles. 

Please carry on following BBC Bitesize and if you like some extra challenge keep completing our additional tasks.



This week in BBC Bitesize you will look at conjunctions and newspaper articles, which we have already done in our Literacy lesson. 

For those who like a bit extra writing, start or carry on completing our 'Lockdown' Talk for Writing unit. 

Please find all resources attached below, there is a breakdown overview as well, some of the resources are also available as audio. 

Start practising your new set of spellings. 

Remember to read daily, you can use ebooks from a county library online or Oxford Owl



Bitesize tasks this week are around mass and measurement. 

Again, there are some additional clips in White Rose unit.

Also, please find some extra worksheets attached below, if you like to do some additional practise. Only a few children per year group are expected to work at the greater depth level, so children need to complete work suitable for their ability at this stage. 

Some of you will need to carry on using Year 1 or 2 work, if Year 3 is too challenging at the moment. 

Use Mathletics or TT Rock Stars daily to gain more confidence across different areas of Maths, on Friday you can practise speed with which you recall your timetables, if your parents can print the worksheets off ( all attached under TT Rock Stars button in Year 3). Choose the timetables you need to work on, in Year 3 you should know 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 time tables.


Science  - Teeth and Digestion - Digestive system 

We hope you have enjoyed experimenting with built by you digestive system model, this week we are looking at different parts of a digestive system again. 

Please choose one part of a digestive system you want to find out more about, draw a diagram and explain its function. 

You can find more information on the websites listed below:


RE - To know about people who use their gifts to help others - St. Dominic Savio

This week we are looking at an example of a very young saint Dominic Savio and how his plan allowed him to achieve what he wanted. 

Read his biography on the attached sheet or online and reflect on his plan ( use attached sheet St. Dominic Savio). 

Think of your own goals and how you are going to reach them at certain time.


French - To learn and revise days of the week in French


  1. Look at the support sheet “Painting Together BBC French KS2” which has lots of words and phrases to help you.
  2. As you’re watching the video clip, put a small tick next to the colours each time you hear them.
  3. Complete as many puzzles as you can on the Colours puzzle sheet.

Bonne chance! Good luck!

Have a lovely week, 

Mrs Anderton and Mrs Onion