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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Monday 27th April


Today is my birthday and I was looking forward to make cakes with the class and share them together for snack! Let us hope that we can make cakes soon and enjoy being together!

My youngest daughter and I made the stick rainbow - I have to say our paint did not look quite as gorgeous as the photo (from a lockdown social media site) that i have uploaded - but it was a really fun activity to do together!

As the weeks are beginning to roll on; my eldest daughter suggested that we have plan a time in the day when we all have had a little quiet time on our own. Time either in the garden, or in our own bedrooms - we have realised that just twenty minutes some days was all that was needed to reflect and have a little peace before the chaos and noise of all being together again!

Bella, our naught dog is really not getting any better behaved on our daily exercise walks - upside being that we are truly social distancing - no body wants to come near a badly behaved (but very much loved!) Labrador!

Remember to look after each other and continue to end the day each day with a happy heart - something great happens every day. We do have so much to be thankful for!

Mrs Adams