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Monday 22nd June

Hello again, 

We are going to have a very busy special week this time. 

Starting today, on Monday, we are celebrating our school Patron Saint Thomas More Day and you can find out a bit more about him. 

Also, it is National School Sport Week at Home 2020 this week, so we would like you to do some more sports at home. 

Please still carry on following BBC Bitesize and if you like some extra challenge keep completing our additional tasks.

We keep getting more fabulous work, thank you very much for sending it over. 


Carry on using BBC Bitesize, this week you will look at reading comprehension a bit more, but also developing your writing skills.

For those who like a bit extra writing, start or carry on completing our 'Lockdown' Talk for Writing unit. 

Please find all resources attached below, there is a breakdown overview as well, some of the resources are also available as audio. 

Start practising your new set of spellings. 

Remember to read daily, you can use ebooks from a county library online or Oxford Owl



Bitesize tasks revisit angles, parallel and perpendicular lines this week. We have done some work on these units in Winter, but it's always good to reinforce our knowledgeand skills. 

Again, there are some additional explanation clips in White Rose unit.

Also, please find some extra worksheets attached below, if you like to do some additional practise. 

Some of you will need to carry on using Year 1 or 2 work, if Year 3 is too challenging at the moment. 

Use Mathletics or TT Rock Stars daily to gain more confidence across different areas of Maths, on Friday you can practise speed with which you recall your timetables, if your parents can print the worksheets off ( all attached under TT Rock Stars button in Year 3). Choose the timetables you need to work on, in Year 3 you should know 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 time tables.


Science  - Teeth and Digestion - Digestion Experiment

Last week on BBC bitesize, you had lots of information about digestive system. This week I would like you to have some fun trying to built a digestive system. Follow instructions on the video clip attached below.

There is also a sheet attached with written instructions, have fun :) 


RE - Feast Day of St. Thomas More

Look at the character of St. Thomas More, he is a patron saint of our school, but whose else?

Find some information on

You can also make a little feast for lunch or tea with your family.Vegan Afternoon Tea Party for Envirokidz ยป I LOVE VEGAN


PE - National School Sport Week at Home 2020 

Please find some examples of activities attached, if you want to stretch yourself you can fill in some challenge recording sheets from Teacher's section, but you may just have a go at some chosen sports. 


French - To learn and revise days of the week in French

Please print the 2 attached documents:

  1. Word document  - support sheet for Days of the Week song
  2. PDF - Days of the week practice worksheet

Click on the link below and watch BBC class clips video “Days of the week”:

A French song about the days of the week - BBC Teach

A lively and amusing song to help pupils practise the days of the week. Ask pupils in groups to practise and perform the chorus. Challenge pupils to write as many days of the week as possible from ...


  1. Look at the support sheet “Days of the week song BBC French KS2” which has all the key words to help you.
  2. Listen to the song several times and try to answer questions 1 – 10 with the correct day of the week in French.
  3. Enjoy the puzzles on the worksheet “LES JOURS DE LA SEMAINE” (The Days of the Week).

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)

Have fun this week, 

Mrs Anderton and Mrs Onion