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Monday 1st June

Wednesday 3rd June


If you find using Activity 2 tricky, then just set some simple divisions where there is no remainder

e.g. 25÷ 5   16 ÷ 2   30 ÷ 10   12÷ 3         

Use objects such as pennies or pasta to help work out the answer by splitting into groups as shown in the teaching video. 

You could also set some word problems such as the two below:      These examples would help the children to see how division facts are linked ...

Sam has baked 24 cakes and puts them in boxes of 6. How many boxes does he use? 

Jess bakes 24 biscuits and puts them into bags of 4. How many bags does she need?


See below for this week's message ...

Good morning Year 2 children and parents

We hope you all had a lovely half term week, and got out and about in the sunshine and having fun. I am really enjoying seeing how nature changes as Spring turns to Summer - the bluebells are now gone but I saw wild roses, foxgloves, honeysuckle and buttercups on my walk today. Mrs Simpson has been busy gardening as she went to a garden centre this week. Keep a look out for wild flowers if you go out walking, or maybe you could do some gardening if you have a garden or a balcony, or even just a windowsill and can get some seeds!

We are continuing to follow the BBC Bitesize learning, although today is an INSET day so you may choose not to do the tasks.  We check the tasks when they are loaded each evening on BBC Bitesize and add any notes or attachments here if necessary so please check back each day. 

Please keep on reading and listening to stories, practise spellings from the Y2 list, or when you know those off by heart, you could start learning ones from the Y3/4 list in the centre pages of your Reading Record book. We will also set on-line tasks on Mathletics whenever they link to the theme of the week's learning if you have the opportunity to access the Mathletics website

NB I know some of you have had issues with the TT Rockstars website. If you are finding that it is only setting a very limited number of questions repeatedly, please contact me via the office and I will hopefully be able to help - Mrs McAtamney

Take care and keep safe and smiling :)

Love from Mrs McAtamney and Mrs Simpson xxx ...

...and Brownie, who has had a very relaxing week!