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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Monday 1st June

Good morning, 

We hope you all have had a fabulous half term break and enjoyed plenty of fresh air and sunshine. The weather is still amazing, which should help you to keep your spirits up. 

As you know, in two coming weeks we will see at school some of your siblings from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, but we really hope to see you soon too.

We continue to follow BBC Bitesize, with some changes and additions, please use the link at the top of Year 3 tab, to complete daily lessons. 



Carry on using BBC Bitesize, this week you will practise some descriptive writing and some grammar and punctuation. 

We have received some great trolls stories, and as some of you enjoy following one unit of work, we are adding a unit for writing based on a short video clip - The Black Hat. You will be asked to imagine and describe some settings, also to create a magical creature. You can complete this work at different levels of ability. 

Please find all attached below and remember to watch the video clip first (choose The Black Hat).

Start practising your new set of spellings attached below. 

Remember to read daily, you can use ebooks from a county library online or Oxford Owl



Complete Bitesize tasks to practise fractions.

For some extra explanation and practise follow link to White Rose unit with more examples of how to work on fractions.

Some of you will need to carry on using Year 1 or 2 work, if Year 3 is too challenging at the moment. 

Use Mathletics or TT Rock Stars daily to gain more confidence across different areas of Maths, on Friday you can practise speed with which you recall your timetables, if your parents can print the worksheets off ( all attached under TT Rock Stars button in Year 3). Choose the timetables you need to work on, in Year 3 you should know 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 time tables.


Science  - Teeth and Digestion- our new unit of learning. 

Please work through the presentation about teeth, you probably know lots about them already. Complete one of the worksheets attached.


RE - Pentecost  and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

As last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost in the church, look through the presentation and reflect on it.

Look at the presentation about Fruits of the Holy Spirit and try to follow instructions to apply (use) one 'fruit' per day.


Remember also to do some exercises with Joe Wicks, other independent sport activities or 'Just Dance' on Youtube. 

Enjoy first week back to online learning, 

Mrs Anderton and Mrs Onion