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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone!

First of all – THANK YOU!! Your video message was so beautiful, it truly gave us all happy hearts seeing all of your smiling faces!

This week, I have suggested maths ideas to develop doubling, a story writing challenge and phonics!

If you want to email me pictures of any of the activities that you are doing at home, you are welcome to do so, but only if you want to!

Something very funny happened in our garden this week. One of Isla’s socks fell off of the washing line and out of nowhere, a magpie swooped down and flew off with it! Poor Bella was so confused, she just sat there!

I found this picture of Bella – she does look rather cheeky; don’t you think?

Have a lovely week with your families, remember your happy hearts and remember that we all miss you very much!