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Monday 15th June



LEARNING OBJECTIVE: To revise sports and hobbies and write about what you do in your spare time.
Please print “Quels sport fais-tu?” pdf  attached (2 copies per page) and BBC French KS2 Hobbies Word document attached.
Click on the link below and watch BBC video clip ‘Favourite hobbies’
Please print the pdf below: 
1. Look at the support sheet for BBC French KS2 Hobbies which has lots of phrases to help you understand the video clip.
2. While you’re watching the BBC class clips video, tick next to the phrases each time you hear them.
3. Use these phrases from the video clip and also the table in “Quels sport fais-tu?” to write in the 4 speech bubbles on the sheet “Aimes-tu le sport?”
Write about the hobbies and sports you do and don’t do. Also say which sports you like and don’t like.

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was lovely to see so many of the Year 6 children return to school on Wednesday. It felt great finally being back in school and I hope the children are looking forward to returning again for our first full week.

For those children still working from home, please find your work for this week below. Please remember all work will still be posted daily on Google Classroom and I encourage children to make use of this platform to ask questions and/or to share work. Miss Newman will be monitoring this platform whilst I am in school and she is more than happy to support children with their learning.

For those children attending school, as we are not in on Fridays, they will still be able to access the home learning on this day if they so wish.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Best wishes and take care,

Miss Stone