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Monday 15th June


LEARNING OBJECTIVE: To revise sports and hobbies and write about what you do in your spare time.
Please print “Quels sport fais-tu?” pdf  attached (2 copies per page) and BBC French KS2 Hobbies Word document attached.
Click on the link below and watch BBC video clip ‘Favourite hobbies’

Please print the pdf below: 
1. Look at the support sheet for BBC French KS2 Hobbies which has lots of phrases to help you understand the video clip.
2. While you’re watching the BBC class clips video, tick next to the phrases each time you hear them.
3. Use these phrases from the video clip and also the table in “Quels sport fais-tu?” to write in the 4 speech bubbles on the sheet “Aimes-tu le sport?”
Write about the hobbies and sports you do and don’t do. Also say which sports you like and don’t like.

Hi Year 5 welcome back to another week of home learning. It has been lovely to share some of your work on Google Classroom and see your comments, I am really impressed with your writing. Thank you also for the work you have shared with me via admin. I have seen photos of your work and your independent project work  well done for working hard.

I am in school teaching a year 6 bubble which is very strange for me.

This week BBC Bitesize maths is something we have already covered . So we will complete some multi-step addition and subtraction problems and then look at line graphs. I have downloaded the video planning sheet to help.

English - please carry on with the Talk4 writing booklet it is a two week unit. If however you have finished it please follow the BiteSize plans. I have added spellings for this week but you may also like to check out – the website .This week, we are looking at Spelling Rule 41 - Words ending in –able and –ible Words ending in –ably and –ibly (1 of 2) there is a spelling test and online games to play.


There is a new family newspaper that has been produced during the pandemic and is free to sign up during this time, if you are interested:

RE next week 22nd June is St Thomas More Feast Day. To celebrate the can you create a poster or story boards giving all the important facts about his life and why he was important . You can draw this take a photo and Email it to Admin or complete it in Google Classroom and upload it to the drive. This is for 22nd June .