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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

Monday 11th May

Friday 15th May

Maths Challenge 2

To help solve this challenge, there is a reminder of how we worked out fractions of amounts in class on the image I've uploaded below.

Maths Challenge 3

We have used the term 'multiples' in class, but the children might not remember what they are - remind them that when they count in 2s, 5s or 10s they are counting in multiples of that number. I have attached a 100 square at the bottom of the page which can be printed off so they can use it to help them solve the challenge by counting along in 4s and then 5s and marking these multiples on the sheet using one colour for 4s and another for 5s.  Alternatively the following link can be used as an interactive 100 square:

Good luck with the challenges! Mrs McA

Wednesday 13th May

Maths - subtracting 2-digit numbers

The BBC Bitesize video explains subtraction of two 2-digit numbers very clearly where there is no need to "exchange" a ten e.g. 46-25 or 73-51.

If your child is ready to tackle e.g. 43-27, they will need to exchange a ten as they will see they cannot subtract 7 ones from 3 ones. We have practised this in class using base 10 equipment and drawings of sticks and dots, but if they need a reminder, the video on the White Rose website for today's date (lesson 3 for this week) explains how to do this.

NB If your child does Activity sheet 2 on the BBC website please ignore the section at the top of the page as it uses a number-line method that we have not taught. 


Tuesday 12th May

Maths - adding 2-digit numbers

If your child is finding it tricky to add 2 digit numbers where the ones digits adds up to more than 10, the video on the White Rose website explains how to "exchange" 10 ones for a ten stick. In class the children are used to doing this with base 10 equipment and then with drawings of sticks and dots in their books. If you have them, pennies and 10p coins would make a good substitute for ones cubes and tens sticks.


This week's message...

Good morning Y2 and Parents.

We hope you and your families are all keeping well and enjoyed the sun again this week, as well as VE day on Friday.

First of all a huge thank you to all of you for your brilliant video message! It was amazing to see all of your smiley faces again, how much energy you have and to see you all being uniquely yourselves - we loved it and it made us have smiley faces too :)

We are continuing to follow the BBC Bitesize learning this week.  We will check the tasks when they are loaded each evening on BBC Bitesize and add any notes or attachments here if necessary so please check back.

Please keep on reading and listening to stories, and if you can, practise spellings from the Y2 list and your times tables. We will also set on-line tasks which link to the theme of the week's learning if you have the opportunity to access the Mathletics website.

Take care and keep smiling, dancing and having fun whenever you can. 

Lots of love from Mrs McAtamney and Mrs Simpson xxx