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Were you a pupil at St Thomas More? Do you have any memories of your school days? Please email the School Office via the Memories contact form.

My Memories

I attended St Thomas More at North Road from 1958 to 1965 when the school closed and I moved on to secondary school. My earliest memories are in the infant class with Sister Bede, then moving into the junior class with Mrs Kelly and Miss Carmody. We had two years in each class of approximately twenty children. Sister Aloysius taught us in the top juniors. I remember her taking us to East Meadow to play rounders. She rolled up her big sleeves and threw the tabard of her nun's habit over her shoulder so that she could play too! As the school was closing we helped clear out the old books and papers and had a huge bonfire in the garden.

Heather Houston nee Moran

I attended the Convent from 1950 until 1953 - and I still have vivid and very happy memories during this time. My favourite Nun was Sister Elizabeth and I would love to be able to find out about her life. If anyone has any photos during these 3 years at North Road, I would be so happy to see them. The photos that have already been posted have brought back so many happy memories and I have been able to recognise quite a few people that I had long forgotten - I have also been able to spot my brother Tony Bailey - he was younger than me and he remained at the Convent after I left in 1953. I remember how all the children would walk down to Dean Incents Hall where we had our school dinners and I remember too that we would share the hall with the boarders from the Boys School. So long ago but still vivid memories.

Josie Bailey