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Building Fund

Our lovely Catholic school is a voluntary-aided school. This means that we receive money from two places:

1. The government for our running costs such as salaries.

2. The Catholic Church for our big one-off costs such as building work.

The grant from the Catholic Church is for essential building works and these essential works will make the school drier, safer and more comfortable for all our children. When we receive the grant money for building work from the Catholic Church, we have to repay 10 percent of the total amount over a three-year repayment period through our charity, the STM Building Fund (formerly known as the Governors Fund).

Money raised is kept completely separate from the school budget and cannot be spent on anything else.

How are we going to do this?


  1. Regular monthly contributions

We need to raise £1,250 per month. We have 112 families in the school. If each family gave £10 per month plus gift aid that would be fantastic. However, we appreciate that is not possible for everyone.

We would like to invite all families that can, to set up a regular monthly contribution and a £5 or even £2 monthly donation would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Fundraising events

The STMSA (PTA) is very busy successfully fundraising for money to pay for enrichment activities for our children –playground equipment, school trips, Forest School, books, Chromebooks etc.

Depending on the amount raised for the Building Fund from parents’ regular monthly contributions, and depending on feedback and ideas from parents, we could look to run some additional fundraising events, in conjunction with

STMSA to raise funds for the STM Building Fund.

We could also seek to involve the wider parish in these fundraising events.

Donations can be gift aided which is a fantastic opportunity to increase the amount donated by 25 percent and is especially beneficial for higher rate taxpayers.

We are extremely grateful to the parents who have been generously supporting the STM Building Fund with regular contributions over the years.