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"Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ"

So What Have We Done In Response?

Parental Questionnaire 2014-15

Below we have highlighted the actions taken in response to those questions / areas where parents felt that we could improve.

Q6) Generally, the behaviour of the children at St Thomas More School is excellent.

Q9) The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour.

Q10) My child has not been bullied in school this academic year.

At St Thomas More we always deal with unacceptable behaviour. At present this may be seen through a variety of strategies. As a staff we also feel that sanctions for inappropriate behaviour is an area that we can be more specific about. Later this academic year our behaviour policy is up for review and we will be working with the whole school community to launch a new behaviour system. In addition we celebrate Anti-Bullying week annually to raise the awareness of bullying in a variety of forms. This is an area that we work on constantly through safeguarding.

Q8) The school encourages my child to have a healthy lifestyle.

In response to this we have improved the sport area of our website to highlight to the community the range of sporting opportunities that we participate in. In addition a sports section is a regular feature in the weekly newsletter. From January we improved the way in which children chose their school lunch, to ensure that children had a lunch of their choice that they would eat and enjoy. In March we took part in National Skipping Day, whereby children were encouraged to skip and play skipping games in their breaks. This year has also seen the introduction of Play Leaders at lunchtime to encourage children to be active.

Q12) The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns.

Please complete the questionnaire at Parent Consultation (March 2015) where we are asking for your suggestions on our strengths and areas for development. Many thanks.

Q14) The school adequately informs me about my child’s progress.

Each year parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at Parent Consultation. These are offered in the Autumn and Spring Terms. At the end of the academic year parents receive a written report about their child’s progress. In order to further inform parents of their child’s progress we have introduced letters that inform parents if their child is having an intervention of any kind. These will be sent as and when an intervention takes place. Please feel free to come and talk to the class teacher or Mrs Loria, if you have any concerns over your child’s progress.

Q17)  The school takes steps to take into account people’s disabilities. 

Q18)  The school meets the needs of all pupils and their families regardless of disability.

On 11th March 2015 you would have received a questionnaire about inclusion. Please complete and return your responses so that we can update our records and ensure that we fully engage all children in all areas of the curriculum.

Many thanks for your continued support and feedback.

Learning to love, live and celebrate as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ, underpins all that we do at St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School & Nursery.