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School Vouchers

Thanks to your efforts, our school benefits from a number of voucher schemes, which are run every year by various companies. By collecting these, we are able to purchase valuable resources which benefit our children in school: books, PE equipment and learning materials for the classrooms.

A huge thankyou for your efforts, collecting vouchers last year. The total number raised were as follows:

Tesco 12,600
Sainsburys 3,767
BoxTops for Schools 643

BoxTops for schools funded a total of 23 new books for the library. Two new digital cameras for classrooms were purchased with the Tesco vouchers and the Sainsbury’s vouchers were used to buy sports equipment, including hurdles, cones and stopwatches.

boxtops logo
BoxTops for Schools (on Nestle’s cereal packs) is a year round scheme, so please continue to send in your tokens

Sainsbury’s have just launched this year’s scheme and will be issuing vouchers from 30 January to 22 May in store, petrol stations and groceries online

tesco vouchers logo
Tesco, I understand that they have plans to change their scheme this year, but I have not yet received any details.

If you are able to donate vouchers from any of these schemes, please send them in via bookbags, the collection boxes inside the school entrance foyer, nursery and the back of the church, or to me in the playground.

Many thanks

Malena Armstrong
(Yr 3 & Yr 5 mum)